Nemus Lex Ltd.


Nemus Lex Ltd

Nemus Lex Ltd. is a company registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb in 2004, the same founders have been wholesale traders under the name Nemus from 2002. The company headquarters are situated in Zagreb. Company activities include its own food supplements and cosmetic brand - Pharmoval, wholesale, regional and local product representation, marketing and internet retail.

Our core products are health related products for children and adults. The products we represent and distribute are international brands that come with a stamp of quality.

We represent the following brands:

LiceGuard, Robi Comb [LiceGuard LLC, USA]

Babysense [Hisense, Israel]

Spiffies [Dr Products, USA]

And we have our own food supplement and cosmetic brand -
Pharmoval, manufactured in Croatia.


Along with stated brand names we trade and distribute products according to special client orders and also cater to onetime orders for specific purposes. Our activities include purchasing and further distribution of products as well as marketing of the same (continuous advertising, product launches, special offers etc.).

Most of our products can be purchased from our retail web-shop, the first Croatian on-line drugstore; the site our company started where we offer carefully selected natural and organic health and body-care products.


Feel free to contact us for any additional questions or possibility of regional or international cooperation in the distribution of our products.

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